November 2, 2013

Hearthstone deck ideas – Evil Warlock Aggro deck.

You’ll enjoy killing your opponents with this Aggro deck!

As we’ve wrote earlier, warlock is an underdog in Arena battles. Mostly because warlock deck is predictable, plus inability to forge your own deck in Arena hinders warlock’s play style. It’s hard to win arena battles with this hero. Warlock is also quite underrated in normal play mode (vs).

But in reality warlock is a very powerful hero (thanks to his hero power and demon cards). And he has some of the best aggro decks in the game.

So today we will take a look at a powerful Warlock aggro deck. And no, this deck is not based on murlocs! Murloc deck had some major weaknesses and it didn’t perform well on major tournaments.

Here is the card list for this deck:

hearthstone deck ideas warlock

As you see there are only 5 spells! Everything else is just minions.

The good part about this deck is that it has just a handful of rare cards and 1 epic. So anyone can build this deck without too much grind. This is a huge plus. Your “finishers” in this deck are: Soulfire, Power Overwhelming and Arcane Golem. These are really good for ending the game. Save them until you can devastate your opponent in 1 turn (6th+ round usually).

The object of this deck is to win as quickly as possible. If you can’t win in 6 rounds you’re probably end up losing – it scales bad into the late game. Minions with Taunt work well against this deck and they can stall your progress, so your goal is to crush your opponent’s defenses fast. The more the game progresses, less chances you have.

hearthstone deck ideas aggro warlock

But don’t get us wrong – it’s extremely powerful and you could be winning games on turn 5. It’s also very fun to play. Mid-range decks should be easy for you, other aggro decks – doable and decks with lots of taunt and AoE control could be challenging.

There is luck involved also – summoning your Doomguard might go wrong for you, if you discard Soulfire/Power Overwhelming. The same goes for Soulfire card. When you’re doing a finishing move, make sure to plan out the sequence.

As you see, a lot of minions give your other guys buffs, which is awesome for aggro decks like this. Dark Iron Dwarf card is a must in any minion-based deck. Dire Wolf Alpha and Shattered Sun Cleric are also reasonably good choices for most aggro decks.

Note: this Warlock aggro deck does have an advantage when you’re starting second, just because of the Mana coin.

For example, you can summon a Pit Lord on turn 3! Dealing with 5/6 that early in the game is difficult. Pit Lord is actually only useful in first 3-5 turns. After that he can be easily dealt with and the price of 5 health isn’t worth it.

So this is it!

So that’s the first time we’ve tried to come up with Hearthstone deck ideas. Hopefully you’ll use them!

More deck ideas are coming! Meanwhile, have fun with this deck!


hearthstone deck ideas, warlock aggro deck

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