November 10, 2013

Hearthstone Rankings – Check out top players in Hearthstone!

Hearthstone Rankings – Check out top players in Hearthstone!

Few days ago we’ve discovered that Blizzard staff posts updates about in-game rankings. Last update had been posted on November 5th. Check it out – Hearthstone Rankings Europe

For now they give you a list of 50 best players in North America and in Europe (2 different lists). So far it doesn’t have any specifics – no win/lose ratio, overall wins, main hero, etc, etc.

But soon we expect it to be like WoW Arena stats – you’ll be able to see the decks top players are using, their best heroes, win rates and so on. This is both useful and exciting.

Now it’s much easier to get in top 50 since Hearthstone is still in closed beta stage, and getting to Platinum rank and playing well from there pretty much guarantees you a place in the top. “Hearthstone Rankings”

We at Hearthstone Rules are working towards our spot in top 50!

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And here’s the place to watch for upcoming changes, news and announcements regarding Hearthstone Rankings”http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/10591464/

(and not just about rankings. It’s a great place to keep an eye on upcoming changes and stuff).

Stay tuned for more updates! “Hearthstone Rankings”

Hearthstone Rankings


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